US Ambassador MOCKS Prince Harry at the possibility of him being DEPORTED

US Ambassador MOCKS Prince Harry at the possibility of him being DEPORTED


He prince harry He surely never imagined that they would have immigration problems in the United States, much less that Donald Trump would threaten to remove him from the country if he wins the elections next November. But it looks like that could happen if he doesn’t win. Joe Biden: the youngest son of King Charles III would be in big trouble, because he would not have enough support. As an example, what happened with the US ambassador, who mocked the situation and the possibility that the Duke of Sussex is deportee. This is what he said!

The life of Meghan Markle and the prince harry In the United States it seemed like a dream and with relative calm: they live in a mansion in California valued at millions of dollars, they are away from the harassment of the British press, they do not carry out royal duties and they attend the best social events in the American Union. But everything seems to indicate that this calm could end, especially if the Duke of Sussex turns out deportee for a terrible mistake he made.

In his book Spare, which was released last year, Harry chronicled his entire life, the situations he has been through over the years, from the good times to the bad. In those stories he admitted to having used cocaine, smoked marijuana, and tried hallucinogenic mushrooms. These statements were not taken well by the United States government, because the Duke of Sussex would have lied in his American visa application, since he did not mention these things.

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That’s why Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said in recent days that Harry could face severe consequences if he is found to have lied about drug use on his U.S. visa application. What the famous businessman and politician wants to do is deport himbut if he wins Joe Biden This would not happen, so the Sussexes still have a chance to stay in the US. These statements reached England, where the United States ambassador to the United Kingdom gave her opinion on the matter and mocked what is happening with the prince harry.

This is how the US Ambassador mocked the possibility of Prince Harry being deported

He prince harry can remain in the United States while Joe Biden remain president, the US ambassador to the UK said as she mocked Donald Trump’s threats to take “appropriate action” against him. The ambassador, Jane Hartley, was asked in an interview her opinion on the issue and she laughed at the suggestion that Harry could be deporteeso he responded to Sky News: “that will not happen in the Biden administration.”

Harry’s references to cocaine, cannabis and mushroom use in his book led a group of conservative think tanks to sue the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to reveal the contents of his visa application. These people want to prove that the youngest son of King Charles III lied on his US visa application about his past drug use.

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Or, they want to prove that you answered truthfully and that you “received special treatment.” The administration of Joe Biden is fighting the case on the grounds that visa applicants have a right to privacy, but the plaintiffs insist that the prince harry He did not even use this right, since with the publication of his book he “sold all aspects of his private life.” The possibility that it is deportee is high if Trump becomes president, so the Sussexes would already be thinking about a plan B: they would go to live in Canada if necessary, according to international media reports.

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