US company launches remote EMPLOYMENT for people who speak Spanish;  salary of 22 dollars per hour

US company launches remote EMPLOYMENT for people who speak Spanish; salary of 22 dollars per hour


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It is a secret to no one that expand your horizons employment, It is one of the great dreams of thousands of people who seek to have a professional development beyond the borders where we were born, and that is why the option that we are going to present to you below is one of the most popular in recent days because now you can labor for a company in USA And the best of all is that you only need to speak Spanish and you won’t have to leave your house.

It is worth mentioning that the remote work modality has been one of the few good things that the COVID-19 pandemic has left, since for people who find it difficult go out to work or even relocate to the foreign It becomes very complicated but Home Office is one of the new ones employment options that has completely revolutionized the industry.

What is a fact is that the option that we are going to present to you below is quite complete, since in the american union request a person who speaks spanish and best of all, they offer the option to work from the comfort of your home remotelybecause the Chincheta company is asking for someone to fill the position of Spanish Premier Service Advocate, and this is what you need to know about it.

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According to the description there is through the portalthe interested person must know that this job is a management role. individual contributor of vital importance to the company that reports directly to the manager of team in spanish about customer service, so the person hired must be enthusiastic who thrive in a fast-paced environment to balance technology and human empathy and thereby generate trust and loyalty in their target audience.

What do I need to work in the US from home?

It is important to mention that this job vacancy is located directly in the state of Californiabut the modality is a remote work, so stop apply you just have to send your Curriculum vitae to the email [email protected], the same way you will join the selection process to see if you meet the rest of the requirements and these would be some of the tasks that you will be in charge of being one of the selected ones:

  • Have excellent knowledge of Thumbtack products and services.
  • Conduct between 30 and 40 phone, SMS or chat consultations per day with users in Spanish to determine the best solution to carry out work and grow small businesses.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve customer queries with effective problem-solving skills and reduce tension while building a relationship with the caller.
  • Maintain high-performance metrics including quality, compliance, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and net promoter scores.
  • Continuously look for areas of improvement and communicate trends to the appropriate parties.
  • Interact with team members through weekly development sessions, training, and supportive interactions that help strengthen each other.

It is important to mention that this vacancy also offers big benefits that you can have from day one that you start labor, Besides, there is no need for you to leave the comfort of your home at no time, and within main requirements What you must accomplish is to have a good command of the Spanish Language; Find out about the incredible benefits that you will enjoy from the moment you formally start in the company:

  • Virtual work model combined with in-person events
  • 20 company-wide holidays, including a week-long company shutdown at the end of the year
  • Libraries (optional use of connection and collaboration centers) in San Francisco and Salt Lake City
  • WiFi Refunds
  • Mobile Phone Refunds (North America)
  • Employee Assistance Program for mental health and well-being


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