Shakira BLAMES Gerard Piqué for stopping her musical career with this CONTROVERSIAL statement

Shakira BLAMES Gerard Piqué for stopping her musical career with this CONTROVERSIAL statement


When everyone thought that Shakira he would not say more about his breakup with Gerard Piqué and that the last thing that would be known about their painful separation would be in her new album “Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran”, the Colombian surprised and left her mouth open when she said that her ex-partner stopped her musical career. The music star’s statements went viral and quickly became the most talked about, because they did not expect him to say that about the former Barcelona soccer player.

Since Shakira broke up with Gerard Piquéthe Colombian has used her music to tell her version of the story, which includes as a central theme that the Spaniard was unfaithful to her and left her for Clara Chía, whom she indirectly accuses of getting into their relationship. Although none of those involved have made a clear statement about what really happened, the Colombian-born star has told part of what he experienced in songs like “Te Felicito”, “Monotonía” and “Music Sessions, Vol. 53 “.

Now that the artist released a new album on March 22, there are new songs with which she continues to explain her feelings almost 2 years after her separation from Gerard Piquéwhich happened at the beginning of June 2022. After their breakup, several details of what their romance was have been revealed, including that the Spaniard was very jealous and did not want them to Shakira working with men, something that undoubtedly posed obstacles to her professional development.

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This was confirmed once Shakira shared that his ex-partner stopped his musical careerThis was stated on the program “The Tonight Show”, hosted by Jimmy Fallon, in which she confessed that if there was no recording material from her in many years it was because of Piqué. “He dragged me” was one of her controversial statements, something that caused a furor on social networks and also annoyance, because that means that with Piqué she lived limited and without being able to do what he wanted.

Shakira confesses that Gerard Piqué stopped her musical career and did not let her work

As a guest on “The Tonight Show”, Shakira He talked about the details of the release of his new album, but also talked about how he feels now that he is one hundred percent back in music. “It has been very difficult for me to put together a body of work. I didn’t have time. It was the husband factor. Now I don’t have it,” he said, to the surprise of the audience, the presenter and thousands of people who followed the broadcast.

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“Yes, my husband dragged me. Now I am free and I can really work,” she added, a phrase that provoked laughter and applause from the public, who congratulated her for everything she has done in recent years and the way in which she faced such a difficult separation, since it lasted more than 10 years with Gerard Piqué and their relationship remained on bad terms. After what Shakira said, fans used social networks to express their support and to point out the former soccer player for not letting her work or for allowing her to develop in her career. musical career.

And not only that, but also Shakira told the reason why she decided to name her album ‘”Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran”: “Because it is the men’s turn now. We have already cried for a long time. They have sent us to cry with a script in our hands and endlessly just because we are women,” she asserted. In September 2022, the famous Colombian had already spoken a little about how Gerard Piqué he braked his music careerl, indicating that she put her work on the back burner to go with him: “I put my career on the back burner and came to Spain to support him so he could play soccer and win titles. And it was an act of love,” he told Elle magazine.

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