Vaquero Navarrete says he would love a rematch with Óscar Valdez: “He deserves a chance” – La Opinion

Vaquero Navarrete says he would love a rematch with Óscar Valdez: “He deserves a chance” – La Opinion

Emanuel ‘Vaquero’ Navarrete, super featherweight champion of the World Boxing Organization (WBO), expressed that He would love a rematch with Óscar Valdez and believes he has earned a rematch after beating Liam Wilson in his last fight where he was crowned interim monarch.

In an interview with Izquierdazo, Vaquero Navarrete explained that fans would also want to see a second fight between the two, but – although he has no problem giving him the opportunity – He remembered that right now he has a plan and he doesn’t want to force it.

“I don’t think just me, but all the people would like to see a rematch, one more opportunity for Valdez to show that maybe he can beat me or something like that. I think that if we see it from a different point of view, I think that people in some way would like that revenge and Personally, I would like it because of the respect that exists between Óscar and me. He deserves a chance without a problem, he is a warrior and at least I know that he is going to give 100% of his ability to have a better fight, maybe he will focus more on a more in-depth preparation to my style or I don’t know,” he said.

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Mexican Óscar Valdez impressively defeated Liam Wilson, whom he hunted after a costly tactical error. Photo: Isaac Brekken/AP.

“Not much is known about Oscar because he is a fighter who surprises all the time, he did it with Wilson, he was knocked out before me and with that alone he already gained an opportunity, if he didn’t have it he won it and I think a lot of people He will accept it without any problem (for a rematch). And in my case I I have no problem, I would like to do it, however, we have a plan already in process and forcing it like this is not easy, Focusing on him would be wrong, we have to go step by step and we will know later, I would love it, I would like to do it and by making the decision after the fight we will know what would happen,” he added.

Óscar Valdez defeated Liam Wilson with a powerful left hook that upset the Australian and With a rain of blows he finished defeating his rival by technical knockout. in the seventh round.

Before this fight, Valdez starred in a true Mexican war with Vaquero Navarrete – in what marked his first defense of the WBO belt. and exceeded fans’ expectations in August 2023. In the end, the Aztec monarch retained his title by defeating his compatriot by unanimous decision. For this reason, the fighter born in Nogales wants to achieve a rematch and this could happen in the near future.

Emanuel ‘Vaquero’ Navarrete He will seek his fourth title at a different weight against the Ukrainian Denys Berinchyk on May 18 and if he achieves it he will see if he returns to 130 pounds. The Mexican has a record of 39 wins, 31 knockouts and has only been defeated once in his professional career.

For his part, Óscar Valdez, 33, recovered from his last defeat against Vaquero Navarrete and tasted victory again against Liam Wilson, capturing the WBO interim super featherweight belt. The 33-year-old Mexican has a record of 31 victories, 23 of them by knockout, and two setbacks (both in title fights).

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