VIDEO: Danna Paola divides opinions by “running away” from her fans;  the singer clarified the situation – El Diario NY

VIDEO: Danna Paola divides opinions by “running away” from her fans; the singer clarified the situation – El Diario NY

Danna Paolawho recently changed his stage name to dannawas recently captured, through a video, “running” from what appears to be a restaurant, in Mexico, to “avoid” her fans.

In the small clip, which went viral on social networks in just a few hours, you can see the interpreter of “Sodium”, dressed in a blue t-shirt, dark shorts, high boots as well as a cap and black glasses, next to a man who gives her his hand for a moment to try to “push” her and make her run faster.

After the publication of the video, which was supposedly shared by a fan of the Mexican singer who only intended to show the artist, it generated a large number of criticisms and even ridicule towards the actress.

With comments such as “Not even anyone who fights you,” “she ran in case they asked her for autographs or photos and no one approached her,” among others, a large number of people reproached the Latin artist for her attitude. Likewise, another large group of Internet users launched ironic and mocking comments towards the Mexican for supposedly fleeing the “masses” of fans who were waiting for her.

What did Danna Paola say about the situation?

After the small clip went viral, Danna Paola He decided to clarify the situation and silence all criticism by writing on his social networks that the reason he ran in the video was because he had gone to the wrong place.

I ran because I was in the wrong place, not because they were following me hahahahahahaha”

Danna Paola


It was also revealed that the singer had a meeting with another person in a cafeteria, so when she realized that she was in the wrong place, she ran so as not to delay the film she had planned.

Despite the clarification from the artist herself, comments and criticisms towards the singer did not stop arising. Even several users remembered the interpreter of “Wicked” the recent controversy in which she found herself involved after “inciting” her followers to convince the X user, @Danna, to give her her username.

Danna Paola posing on a red carpet

Following the actress’s message, the same X user revealed that a large number of Danna Paola’s followers attacked her after mentioning that she had no intention of giving up her username. Before this, she was the same danna which published a message, through its social networks, where it apologized for its message.

It should be noted that the Mexican singer presented her new album titled “Childstar”, which, according to the same interpreter, “was born from depression.”

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