Bizarrap and Natanael Cano present session #59;  What is the song about?  – The NY Journal

Bizarrap and Natanael Cano present session #59; What is the song about? – The NY Journal

After in previous days Bizarre announced the launch of their new collaboration, on this occasion, together with Natanael Canothe Argentine producer and the Mexican singer finally presented their song titled “Natanel Cano || BZRP Music Sessions #59.”

It should be noted that the new song by the Latin artists, for the first time in the Argentine’s well-known collaborations, is divided into two parts or chapters. In the first of them, titled “Endiamantado”, you can see Natanael Cano and Bizarre inside the well-known recording studio where the South American usually does his work and where stars of the caliber of Shakira, Resident, Featherweightamong others.

Meanwhile, the second part of the collaboration, called “Entre las 20”, consists of a short video clip, outside the recording studio, where Spout and Bizarre They appear in various settings and performing various activities such as horseback riding and dancing inside a nightclub.

Bizarrap and Natanael Cano join forces for the first time

It was last March 27 when the same Bizarre sent a birthday message to Natanael Cano through their social networks. The above generated a large number of expectations regarding a possible collaboration between Latin artists.

However, it was not until last April 1 that, thanks to the announcement of Bizarre about his new song with Natanael Canothe spirit of the followers and fans of both stars was truly ignited.

Natanael Cano posing.

It should be noted that this is the first time in which Bizarre forms a team with the so-called pioneer of the corridos tumbados

What is the new song by Bizarrap and Natanael Cano about?

In the first part of the song, planned since 2021 after a brief meeting between Bizarre and Natanael Cano In the city of Miami, the Mexican singer sends a “powerful” message about the “difficult” nature of his career as well as the obstacles he has had to go through to obtain his current prestige. In the same way, and accompanied by the Argentine’s famous trap, Cano narrates the way in which he usually uses his money and what this has caused him.

In the second part, “Entre las 20”, a song more inclined towards a corrido tumbado, Cano talks about current music as well as the change he himself has undergone after starting in this famous subgenre a few years ago.

It should be noted that, so far, the session that Bizarre carried out with Shakiraat the beginning of 2023, has achieved a large number of records such as being the most listened to Latin song on Spotify in a period of just 24 hours (14.4 million streams), as well as the most viewed Latin song on YouTube in the same period. span (63 million views).

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