Video: Debanhi Escobar’s parents officially denounce Platanito before the Conapred

Video: Debanhi Escobar’s parents officially denounce Platanito before the Conapred

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Debanhi Escobar’s parents filed a formal complaint with the National Council to Prevent Discrimination (Conapred) against the comedian Sergio Verduzco, who plays the character of bananafor the mockery he made around the death of the young woman.

Mario Escobar and Dolores Bazaldúa reported through a video that proceeded before the Conapred against the comedian to set a precedent and that those who have suffered a loss due to violence against women are not revictimized.

“Here we want to set a precedent in which we support eradicate violence against womenEscobar said.

Although the comedian has already made a public apology for this case on his social networks, the complaint asked Conapred to determine the guidelines that it should follow to make a new one.

“In the apologies, in my opinion, rather, it seemed to me an advertising strategy on his part, then, We are going to determine based on the Conapred what those apologies would be likeDebanhi’s father added.

The Council was also asked force the comedian and his production team to take courses with a gender perspective and human rightsas well as monitor their next presentations so that no other comment is made about the case, in addition to applying a public reprimand.

The young woman’s family asked that the comedian disseminate in his shows the administrative measures that may be imposed on him and repair the damage allocating a percentage of the income obtained from their presentations to a charity against gender violence.

“Conapred is the one that is going to consider the admonition that should be given to this citizen that he should not play with the feelings of people, with the pain of others,” said Bazaldúa.

The complaint was triggered by a video that circulated on social networks where Platanito is heard making a joke in which he related the way in which Debanhi was found dead and the water crisis that devastated Monterrey.

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