VIDEO: Floor of a shopping center collapses;  a woman was injured

VIDEO: Floor of a shopping center collapses; a woman was injured

A floor under construction in a shopping center remained open to the public and ended up collapsing, leaving a woman injured.

The woman was shopping inside the shopping center, the exact moment when the floor she was walking on suddenly collapsed, falling to the floor below.

A clip taken by security cameras allowed us to see a hole that was under the collapsed floor, with only a few tiles visible and without any structural support.

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The event occurred on March 23 at the Jurong Convenience shopping center, located on the second floor of the Wanshida industrial and commercial building.

According to local media, the incident took place because the apartment was under construction, however, it was not closed to the general public.

In the video you can see that during the incident, few people were present, including the injured woman, who was dressed in black and was going to a coat section, when the floor fell.

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The woman’s fall also caused her to injure a worker who was working on the lower floor; both had to be rescued by emergency services.

According to the information, the victim only had a fracture, but was not seriously injured.

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