VIDEO: From the creators of the “Kitty chelas” come the “Peje chelas” – 24 Horas

VIDEO: From the creators of the “Kitty chelas” come the “Peje chelas” – 24 Horas

Peje chelas

In other clever invention of the Mexicansusers on social networks shared the first images of the so-called “Peje Chelas”these containers were designed with the figure of the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

According to the video shared on TikTok by the user “Eduardo Plastics” These containers are designed to be used mainly in michelada stands or, failing that, to serve other types of alcoholic drinks such as “azulitos”margaritas or palomas with tequila.

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Let us remember that for a couple of years, in various stands of these famous drinks it has become fashionable to create containers with characteristic figures to serve these drinks, some of them have had figures of “Hello Kitty”, sweets, blenders and now the “Peje chelas”.

In addition to this, the image of President López Obrador has also been used to be reflected in different products such as caps, tennis shoes, toys, prints and endless products. These are some of the comments read in the publication:

  • “This is already the height of fanaticism, but mine with victory please”
  • “Algodrink head, even Borolas is going to want one”
  • “With that, I dare to have some chelas, a peje chelas, long live our president Andrés Manuel López Obrador.”
  • “I hope they give that at some stand at the San Marcos fair”

Here we leave you the video which has quickly gone viral on social networks.


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