Video: Kanye West accepts that he likes Hitler and releases a series of compliments to the dictator

Video: Kanye West accepts that he likes Hitler and releases a series of compliments to the dictator

Kanye West always gives something to talk about.

Kanye West always gives something to talk about.

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the rapper Kanye Westwho currently goes by the name Ye, has praised Adolf Hitler in an interview published on Thursday on the far-right blog “Infowars”, where he has denied the existence of the Holocaust and made anti-Semitic comments.

West appeared with his face fully covered by a ski mask and his hands covered with gloves in that interview broadcast in “streaming” on “Infowars”, by the broadcaster and propagandist of conspiracy theories Alex Jones.

You’re not hitler, you’re not nazi“Jones began, to which the rapper replied that he sees”good things” about the dictator.

All human beings have value to bring to the table, especially Hitler.West said at another point in the interview.

Later the singer clarified that in reality he is not so interested in Hitler, but that he considers him “a great guy”, with a “great outfit” and that he was a “great architect”.

Before a commercial break, Jones told him that he had a fetish for Hitler, to which the artist replied: “i like hitler“.

He assured that “what happened was not a Holocaust, let’s look at the facts about that. Hitler has many positive qualities.” In addition, he denied that the dictator killed six million Jews, “that is factually incorrect.”

At another time, the rapper indicated that he does not like the word “evil” to be put next to Nazi: “I like Jewish people, but I also love Nazis”.

Protagonist for years of headlines both for his music, his fashion brand or his personal life as well as for his recurring outbursts, a more unleashed Kanye West who has never set off all the alarms in recent weeks due to a long series of comments racists and antisemites.

Those comments have caused the artist to lose millions of dollars in contracts with brands, which have canceled the agreements they had with the rapper.

Ye was last week at the residence of the former president of the United States donald trump (2017-2021) in Mar-a-Lago (Florida) together with the nationalist Nick Fuentesknown for his anti-Semitic views, at a dinner that has been criticized by sectors of the Republican Party.

In fact, Fuentes appeared with West in the Infowars interview on Thursday.

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