VIDEO: Kid Cudi breaks his foot during his performance at Coachella – El Diario NY

VIDEO: Kid Cudi breaks his foot during his performance at Coachella – El Diario NY


The singer Kid Cudi gave a surprise performance over the weekend during the music festival Coachella 2024, but unfortunately, he had to suspend his show after suffering an injury to one of his limbs in the middle of the presentation.

The actor was also rushed to the hospital. after he broke his foot after trying to jump off the stage into the crowd at one point during his concert.

Cudi was offering an electrifying show on the Sahara Tent stage, when he felt an impulse to throw himself into the audience, however, the 40-year-old performer ran into bad luck while performing his hit song “Memories.”

In several videos shared on social networks, Kid is seen falling awkwardly on one of his feet, injuring himself and being helped by festival security, who immediately took him to the hospital so he could be treated.

After the show was canceled due to the mishap, the rapper went to his X account to confirm his injury and took the opportunity to send a message of gratitude to his followers.

Hey guys, I broke my foot at the show today. I’m just leaving the hospital. “I’ve never broken a bone before, so this is all a little crazy right now,” she said.

“I want to thank you all for your concerns and well wishes! I love you all. I heard them scream excitedly as they carried me off the stage. That made me smile a lot,” she added.

Cudi, who last week shared on Instagram his engagement to his girlfriend, clothing designer Lola Sartore, premiered some songs from his most recent album, ‘Insano’, during his set at Coachella.

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