VIDEO: Like the Hulk, a young man turns his car with his hands after suffering a rollover in Mexico

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The New Year holidays arrived with moments worthy of a superhero movie, as it shows, the case of a young man, who suffered a spectacular accident after the car he was driving ended up overturned on the streets of the state of Nuevo León, in northern MexicoHowever, the event became extraordinary when the driver, unaided, managed to put his car in its natural position, despite being completely on its side.

The scene was captured by a witness, who watched as the young man began to push the heavy unit and by means of a pendulum movement, he managed to get the car to rest on its wheels., although only in three, as one of its front tires was detached after the impact.

In the video, the person recording the moment is heard yelling at the young man to leave the area, because the car could catch fire due to a possible gasoline leak.

In short sentences, he tells you: “Hey Güey, take off, the gasoline … That mother is not going to start, move from there”.

Meanwhile, after placing the car in position, the young man approaches the driver’s door, yet heeds the warning, and just says it’s okay, then walk away from the unit.

According to local media, the Ministry of Mobility assured that the driver passed the breathalyzer tests, Therefore, it was ruled out that the individual was under the influence of any prohibited substance.

Given this, users established that their reaction could be due to the adrenaline caused by the accident.

They also noted that it can be seen that the man did not suffer any scratches, despite the spectacular accident. He even seemed to walk without difficulty after turning his unit over.

Some users highlighted the strength of the man and even asked if they know the gym in which he exercises, others pointed out that the scene shows that the cars are less and less heavy.

However, according to the Chevrolet Aveo data sheet, like the one shown, it could exceed 1,000 kilos.

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