VIDEO: Passenger attacks taxi driver and threatens to accuse him of abuse

VIDEO: Passenger attacks taxi driver and threatens to accuse him of abuse

A cabbie From Mexico City (CDMX) was involved in a altercation after having picked up a passenger which moments later began to attack him and even threatened to accuse him of abuse.

The video that went viral on social networks shows that the attack by the passenger began when the taxi driver began to go slower, so she complained that she was in a hurry and that is when she threatened to point out that he had abused her.

The clip begins just as the taxi driver picks up the passenger and she appears apparently in a hurry and aggressive, complaining that the driver lets many cars pass and because of his speed.

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Later on in the trip and after several complaints about the same thing, the woman assured that “all filthy taxi drivers were the same,” while the taxi driver is shown on video maintaining a calm attitude, despite the situation.

The taxi driver began to explain the situation to her and it didn’t take more than a few seconds for the woman to tell him again that she was in a hurry and even asked him to run a red light.

After a long series of insults, the taxi driver responded to the woman, telling her that “it was not her fault if they had made her angry,” however, that she should understand that he was not offending her and there was traffic.

Already with an apparently irritated image, the man decided to end the trip and ask her to get out of his vehicle, to which the woman responded that she would accuse him of harassment.

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Not before having unleashed a series of new insults, the woman finally got out of the taxi driver’s car.

On social networks, opinion is polarized among Internet users, as both parties mention that there could have been errors in each of the individuals.


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