VIDEO: Pepe Aguilar introduces the new member of the family and one of his “children” becomes jealous

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The Aguilar Dynasty continues to be one of the favorite topics of conversation among fans of the Mexican Regionaland it is that the famous family does not stop giving what to talk about, because not only the spontaneity that characterizes them amuses many, but also their talent, in addition to the fact that they have constant contact with their followers through social networks.

On this occasion the patriarch of the distinguished family of artists, Pepe Aguilarannounced through a video that there is a new member in the Aguilar Dynasty, which immediately moved his fans.

Before his millions of followers on social networks, The interpreter of songs such as 鈥淔or some coins鈥, 鈥淧rometiste鈥 and 鈥淔or women like you鈥 uploaded this recording that went viral where it shows the member who will be part of one of the most beloved families in the industry.

During this video, Pepe and the rest of its members, such as his wife Aneliz and their children 脕ngela and Leonardo, are seen on their private jet to break the news. confirming the arrival of a new member of the Aguilar Dynasty, something that did not go unnoticed by anyone.

true to his style, The singer showed the new family pet, who curiously is the brother of his puppy baptized as 鈥淓l Gordo鈥. 脕ngela Aguilar and her father were happy for the arrival of a new puppy of the pug breed, who is called 鈥淐hancho鈥.

Quite happy, in the company of his wife and all his children, Pepe Aguilar showed off the new pet of the Aguilar family, who would have generated the jealousy of 鈥淕ordo鈥.

And it is that one of them was not so enthusiastic about the news, 鈥淓l Gordo鈥, who has become famous after multiple videos Pepe himself has confessed that of his children he is the one he loves the most, and he spoils him very much, because he takes him everywhere with him, in addition to having made his own box for him to accompany him to concerts.

Even the renowned 鈥淕ordo鈥 is so important to the singer of 鈥淧or una mujer bonita鈥 that the pug recently accompanied him to the Lo Nuestro Awards ceremony, with whom he paraded down the red carpet, and he did not stop showing it off with all the attendeesbecause he was proud of his pet in addition to the great affection he professes for it.

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