VIDEO: Shootings in Nuevo Laredo Tamaulipas force the closure of border bridges between Mexico and the US.

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The border city of Nuevo Laredo, in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, registered in early Monday morning strong gun battles between a cartel and the Mexican Armywhich led to the closure of international bridges with the United States for several hours.

According to official sources, Throughout Sunday night and early Monday there were about thirty clashes between members of the Tropa del Infierno, the armed wing of the Northeast Cartel (CDN)against the Army, in addition to blocking avenues with dozens of vehicles set on fire after the arrest of a leader of this powerful cartel.

鈥淪hots were reported against military installations and the offices of the United States Consulate in Nuevo Laredo, in addition to confrontations and persecutions in various parts of the city,鈥 said the official part of the Tamaulipas Public Security Secretariat.

The clashes began after midnight, with blockades on the main avenues of Nuevo Laredo 鈥渨ith the placement of heavy vehicles, and at least two tractor-trailers were set on fire,鈥 added the official report to which Efe had access.

A source from the Special Operations Group (Gopes) who spoke with Efe reported that 鈥渢hese events are related to the arrest of a senior leader of the criminal organization that operates in Nuevo Laredo, by federal forces.鈥

Unofficially, the capture of Juan Gerardo Trevi帽o Ch谩vez, the Egg, the leader of the Northeast Cartel, was confirmed.

The authorities so far have not reported whether there are fatalities or injuries..

The international bridges of Nuevo Laredo with Laredo (United States) reopened this Monday morning, after being closed for several hours.

The reaction of the Northeast Cartel was the response to prevent Trevi帽o Ch谩vez from moving to the military zone and from there he was sent to Mexico City.

In this way, the same strategy that the Sinaloa cartel carried out in Culiac谩n was replicated, when Ovidio Guzm谩n, one of the sons of drug trafficker Joaqu铆n Guzm谩n, El Chapo, was captured, forcing the Mexican authorities to release him.

USA and Mexico issue alert to citizens

Insecurity and high risk forced the authorities to suspend face-to-face classes in Nuevo Laredo while the United States Consulate issued an alert requesting that visa appointments be canceled in addition to alerting its citizens not to cross into Mexican territory of that city.

鈥淒ue to reports of shootings at night near the US Consulate and other locations in Nuevo Laredo, US Government employees have been advised to stay safewhile any American should avoid the areas and stay protected,鈥 authorities said.

The US authorities also made a local emergency telephone number available to citizens: 55-5080-2000.

For your part The Mayor of Nuevo Laredo Tamaulipas, Carmen Lilia Canturosas Villarreal, asked Mexican citizens to 鈥渢ake extreme precautions鈥 because the shootings intensified during the early hours of this Monday and during the course of the morning.

鈥淕iven the unfortunate events recorded early this Monday in the city, We ask everyone to take extreme precautions. Some roads are still inaccessible. I maintain constant communication with federal and state authorities. I will be reporting. God bless Nuevo Laredo,鈥 he noted on Twitter.

Later Carmen Lilia, in a new tweet, reported that operations at international bridges were already being normalized from both sides of the border between Mexico and the United States.

鈥淚nternational Bridges I and II are already operating normally on both sides. Take precautions. We will keep reporting,鈥 he stated.

With information from Efe and Reforma Agency.

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