VIDEO: This is how the cast of “Dune 2” lived with their fans during their visit to Mexico – 24 Hours

VIDEO: This is how the cast of “Dune 2” lived with their fans during their visit to Mexico – 24 Hours

The afternoon of the past Tuesday February 6thousands of fans gathered in the vicinity of the National Auditorium to attend the premiere of the film “Dune 2”. The screening of the film was not the only thing that motivated fans, it was also the presence of the cast.

Austin Butler, Zendaya, Florence Pugh and Timothée Chalamet They met in Mexico City to promote the second installment of this saga. Seeing a packed Auditorium, the actors and actresses let themselves be loved by their fans.

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Taking photographs, videos and handing out autographs, it was that The cast of “Dune 2” lived with several of their fans who were eagerly awaiting their arrival. Many of them received very special gifts, demonstrating the affection of the Mexican public.

Zendaya, one of the most anticipated, took the opportunity to receive the affection of his Mexican fans. One of her most notable gifts was from Luisa, who through her X account, shared a photo of Tom Holland that he gave to the actress.

Another of the gifts that broke the internet was the one in the middle “Sensacine Latin America”who gave him a Dr Simi to Florence Pugh characterized by his role in “Mindsomar”.

On the other hand, fans of Austin Butler They remembered the role the actor had in the television series “iCarly” and yelled at him a couple of times “Up with hope, grandma”.

Finally, Timothée Chalamet stole the attention of fans Tigersbecause the actor recognized how fun it is to watch Mexican soccer, especially after the arrival of Gignac to our country.

Next February 29, “Dune 2” will arrive in all movie theaters of our country, giving continuity to the history that conquered the world in 2021.


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