Yeri Mua denounces intimate photos created with AI: I feel exposed

Yeri Mua denounces intimate photos created with AI: I feel exposed

Yeri Mua, the veracruz infuencuer 23 years old, reported through his count of that his image was used to create sexual content.

The also singer held responsible K-Pop fans having intervened images of his face to mount them on naked bodies with the help of artificial intelligence.

“How come they now bring the K-Pop fans naked photos of me, edited with artificial intelligence? To attack me, oh god, I don’t even pop I sing,” wrote Yeri Mua.

In a series of tweetsthe young woman assured that she felt exposed and reproached that other girls were attacking her with this type of Photographs.

“I feel very physically exposed Not even men do that to me, what’s wrong with them?’” she added in another of her publications.

The creator of content has recently ventured into music industry in the genre of reggaeton and his success has been evident, in fact, his song “Pacifier”, went viral on social media.

The fame obtained in his musical facet, according to the singer is not accepted by the K-Pop fans and that is the reason why the attacks have begun with sexual images for discredit her.

Yeri Mua He also said that he did not generalize that it was about all the fans of korean genderbut he maintained that the images were spread from those groups and he regretted receiving a large number of unpleasant messages on his social networks.

“No, I’m not generalizing, but those who are spreading them are from those small groups, and it’s no wonder that I received a lot of messages on Instagram of disgusting old men, what’s wrong with those girls“he added.

What is digital violence?

The Law defines digital violence as acts of harassment, harassment, threats, violation of data and private information. This also includes the dissemination of sexual content such as photos, videos or even audios sent without consent through social networks that violate the integrity, freedomprivacy or violates any human right of women.

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Actually in Mexico There is the Olympia Law that seeks to protect victims of crimes such as the dissemination of intimate content without consent and cyberbullying, which generates sexual violence on the internet.

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