Video: William Levy becomes a driving instructor for his daughter Kailey – El Diario NY

Video: William Levy becomes a driving instructor for his daughter Kailey – El Diario NY

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William Levy He is one of the most beloved Hispanic actors on television. He has starred in many soap operas with which he has conquered the hearts of the public and with which he has also demonstrated the maturity acquired over the years.

We have seen him be the heartthrob, be the businessman, be the avenger, be the disowned and above all be able to leave his comfort zones with each challenge that is presented to him. Some of the soap operas that we have been able to see by the internationally famous actor are: “Café con Aroma de Mujer”, “Sortilegio”, “Montecristo”, “Vuelve a Mí”, among others.

William Levy let his emotions explode in the scenes he recorded with Ferdinando Valencia

However, in the midst of all this, William Levy is also a loving and dedicated father. Through social networks we have seen him living with his children Christopher and Kailey. He is a present father, since he not only lives with them on a daily basis, but also supports them in each of their adventures and gets involved in the processes. With his eldest son we have seen him play and train. We have seen him motivate him to fulfill his dream of being a great baseball player.

In the case of his daughter, it has also allowed us to see what his relationship with her consists of. She has participated in her school dances, plays and has fun with the content that she wants to create for her social networks, which continue to be monitored and controlled by her mother, actress Elizabeth Gutiérrez. But now, we have also been able to see William as a driving instructor.

His sense of humor could not be missing, in the middle of the lessons he did not stop laughing. Her daughter even asked him to stop recording her, laughing, because she made her nervous. But as expected, everything went well and they both had a nice moment together.

The situation got funnier, especially because in the edited video the actor recalled how once driving a golf cart with his children, with Kailey at the wheel, his little girl became popular on social networks for shouting that she didn’t know how curb.

Now, years later he is driving an Aston Martin. The young woman was in charge of leading them to one of her brother’s training sessions.

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