Why did the United States beat Mexico?  Gregg Berhalter explained the reasons for the American victory – La Opinion

Why did the United States beat Mexico? Gregg Berhalter explained the reasons for the American victory – La Opinion

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Mexico once again became a victim of the evolution of the United States. Jaime Lozano’s team was defeated by the USMNT in the final of the Concacaf Nations League. Gregg Berhalter led the American team off the bench. The strategist explained the reasons why he has another title in his cabinets.

Gregg Berhalter acknowledged that the American team reacts in a great way in high demand matches. This final was proof of this and, at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, It was the highest ranked Concacaf team.

In this sense, the United States coach hopes that this ability to react to pressure stay in the next commitments. The USMNT will test its strength in the Copa América and then the World Cup.

“We react well to pressure, In matches at this level we have better performances, it is what we are preparing for because tournaments like the Copa América and the World Cup are coming.“Berhalter said.

The American strategist highlighted the calm that his team maintained on the field. From the first moment, Gregg Berhalter had intentions of raising the Concacaf Nations League, regardless of the fact that the “Stars and Stripes” team had already won the two previous editions.

“It was a very competitive match. We were very focused. We knew how to stay calm and show our football against a great team like Mexico. I highlight the great intensity we show. Our goal was to reach the final and win it and we achieved it“he added.

USMNT players at higher level

Several analysts argued Mexico’s defeat was due to the quality of its players. El Tri had the participation of a large number of players who are active in the Liga MX. The lack of exports would be one of the reasons why Mexico would be at a lower level. But Gregg Berhalter disagrees.

The United States coach explained that players who are at a high level go to the USMNT, regardless of whether they play in Major League Soccer or in Europe. Footballers who play in the internal tournament also have the possibility of entering the squad.

“We want players who play at the best level they can, It doesn’t matter if it’s in the MLS or in Europe. We do not have excess confidence with the players we are developing“, he concluded.

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