What a deal: young woman buys Cartier earrings for 237 pesos due to a website error

What a deal: young woman buys Cartier earrings for 237 pesos due to a website error

What would you do if you found items from a luxury brand in less than a thousand pesos? An X user took advantage of a bug in Cartier on their website and bought rose gold earrings in 237 pesos.

Through their X account, the user @LordeDandy He said that when entering the online catalog of Cartier met a pair of rose gold and diamond earrings in just 237 pesosso he decided to purchase two pairs so as not to miss the opportunity.

However, it all turned out to be too good to be true because after the erroneous publication, the Cartier website corrected her mistake and tagged the luxurious earrings at their original cost of 237,000 Mexican pesos.

But that was only the beginning of a battle between @LordeDandy and Cartiersince the brand did not want to respect the price, but the user saved catches of your transaction, receipts and the price on the website when you made your purchase.

Is Cartier going to give you the earrings?

Given the brand’s refusal to deliver the two pairs of earrings he purchased, the user filed a complaint with the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco), which is the body in charge of ensuring the consumer rights.

Your claim to the Profeco it was that Cartier I was not respecting the price. He even showed evidence that the brand emailed him to tell him the earrings were no longer available.

In addition to being offered a full refund for the articlesplus a gift for apologize. However, he did not accept the deal to drop his complaint against the storeso a process of conciliation in which it will be determined what corresponds to both parties, both the user and the Cartier.

Controversy unleashes memes

Although many people disagree with what he did, others have shown their support. Even several people were created around the situation. memes.

The user has expressed that he will not end the fight because he is exercising his right.

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