What is the curious Luis Miguel commercial that blew up social networks about?

What is the curious Luis Miguel commercial that blew up social networks about?

They had to pass almost five years so that Luis Miguel returned to step on a scenery and went 2023 when the singer returned all the way.

He Mexico Sun tour I’m going through Argentina, Chile, Mexico and now he will do it for USA, being one of the most successful tours of all time, but apparently the artist wants more.

And by more, we mean obtaining profits not from a concert, but from commercial, something that is unusual for the singer because we know that he is very reserved both with his career as with his Personal life.

However, it seems that Luismi wants take advantage of this good streak that has had since last year for remain valid and as a sample we bring you the curious commercial which he recently starred in.

Luis Miguel and his new commercial

Luis Miguel premiere your new commercial through social networks in conjunction with the Alignment Health Plan company, who was responsible for hiring the Sun to be its official spokesperson.

In the video you can see an elderly couple that reaches a Beach house and enjoy his retirement when suddenly they go to visit the neighboring house and there They meet Luis Miguel, which serves as host of one meeting between friends.

By being all together at the table, the interpreter make a toast ensuring that “Life is made up of unique moments” with what ends advertising.

For its part, Dawn Maroney, CEO of Alignment Health Plan, He also shared the commercial accompanied by a message to present Luis Miguel as his official spokesperson.

“We are thrilled to introduce Luis Miguel as our inaugural celebrity spokesperson to emphasize our company’s signature principles: compassion, care and respect, as well as the importance of family, values ​​that closely align with those of the Latino community,” ends the statement.

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It should be noted that the brand It is an insurance company, who believes personalized plans for the people of the Third Age who are looking for a withdrawal according to your needs.

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