El Mimoso responds to accusations of violence against him: what did he answer to his wife

El Mimoso responds to accusations of violence against him: what did he answer to his wife

After María Elena Delfín Valdez accused her husband Luis Antonio López Flores, better known as “El Mimoso” of violence, the singer broke the silence and answered his still partner.

Through his Instagram stories, the former vocalist of the Banda El Recodo assured that he has never violently touched any woman and that he would never dare to do so.

“May God take my life at this moment if I have violently touched a woman, neither her nor anyone else in life. I would never dare to touch a woman in that way, this is a very serious accusation.” serious, very strong that involves me, this got out of hand, this goes beyond what I am being accused of,” the singer explained.

Likewise, he pointed out that this accusation has a motive behind it, detailing the real reason why his wife accuses him is for an economic issue because apparently, he has refused to give her money.

“It is an issue that goes further, towards the legal, towards the legal that at the time has to be done, I think that more than the problem as mentioned, physical, psychological, it is not, the problem is economic and the truth is I had to put a stop there”,sure.

Finally, the artist made it clear that everything he has has been earned through his work and effort, so it is unfair that he has to cover his wife’s expenses.

“I have earned it through effort and there is a part that does not seem fair to me, that I have to be letting go, letting go, that was what I had to put a stop to, but I am speaking because I did not want this to go unnoticed” , he concluded.

What did El Mimoso’s wife say?

María Elena Delfín Valdez, wife of El Mimoso, confessed that she has been suffering physical and psychological violence from the celebrity.

It was with a video on her Instagram account, where she detailed that Luis Antonio has been attacking her repeatedly, but that he had not done it before because he was afraid of retaliation.

“I decided to expose myself because I no longer know what to do. I have been physically, psychologically and emotionally violated for months by my still husband Luis Antonio López Flores,” said.

She even revealed that before making this public complaint, she had already started two legal proceedings against her, but without a response from the authorities, which motivated her to talk about the issue on social networks and thus have the media attention she needs.

“I resort to this medium because I have already made a call to the authorities of Monterrey, Nuevo León; there are two investigation folders, of which they have been ignored, I don’t know if it is because he is a public figure,” stood out.

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The first time he went to the authorities was on August 4, 2023, when he did not receive a response, he decided to return on December 14 of that same year, however, they did not attend to his case either.

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