Who is Saler, the youtuber who is chasing the CDMX Metro for climbing on the wagons?

Who is Saler, the youtuber who is chasing the CDMX Metro for climbing on the wagons?

The young man known as the subway surfer, returned to generate controversy for making another dangerous trip in a convoy of the Metro Collective Transportation System (STC).

The mexican youtuber published a couple of weeks ago in his social media, a video in which he is seen traveling in the space between two Metro trains accompanied by another young man, with the risk of falling onto the tracks.

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In addition, in recent days he uploaded another content where he walks through the train tunnels, while illuminating the rails of the transport while the train is passing right next to him. Both recordings were downloaded from their accounts.

Mexican Rooftop

leaveas he calls himself on his social networks, identifies himself as a “unchained man, just looking for freedom”, according to what his biography says in Twitter.

on your channel Youtube, his alias is salerdios and has 5610 subscribers, he describes himself as a “Real mexican rooftop“There the young man asks his followers not to repeat their actions because they can go wrong.

Since his feats when climbing the roofs or antennas of the highest places in the city such as the Torre BBVA, the Latin American Tower or Mitika These are activities that can put your life at risk if you do not have the necessary experience to climb to great heights.

The rooftopping It is an activity that consists of climbing skyscrapers or large structures without protection, using only the hands and the abilities of the body.

Saler became known a year ago when he viralized a video recorded by himself, where he was traveling standing on top of the Metro de la line 9 along with two other young men.

Many users of social networks recognized his bravery, although others condemned the action for the great risk it represented. In addition, they questioned how they would have managed to climb the train without the authorities of the Subway they would notice.

In July of last year, the STC ifiled a lawsuit against leave before the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office (FGJCDMX) for attacking the communication routes by video Surfing in the Subway, since the transport facilities are considered high security in CDMX.

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In accordance with the regulations of the Mobility Law of Mexico Citybreaking into roads, tunnels or prohibited facilities merit a sanction.

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