Why do people go out in pajamas?  Get to know the NBN ‘fashion’

Why do people go out in pajamas? Get to know the NBN ‘fashion’

A trend that is installed worldwide is for people to go out into the streets in pajamasclothing that is designed for comfortable sleeping.

It is common for us to go to the supermarket, the pharmacy, a taco shop, the market or some other place, and for there to be a person or a family dressed in pajamas.

When we see each other, we don’t know for sure if it is exclusive pajamas for going out or it is the same one in which they slept, got up and went to the street.

This quirky fashion which for some people has become comfort symbolFor others it is a lack of respect for the society in which they live, and each case has its arguments.

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How did the fashion of going out in pajamas come about?

Maybe you are one of the people who walks the streets comfortably with your Pijama and even with flip flops and socksor with the slippers that are like a giant claw of some animal and you don’t know that this trend is a parisian influence which, mainly, is accepted and practiced among young people.

This fashion is called NBN(yes, it has a name!), although we saw it before the pandemic, the truth is that it was reinforced and continued as something more common as a result of the disease that hit the world at the end of 2019.

This is because people spent so much time confined to their homes that they began to make their essential outings with this sleeping clothing.

The NBN name is an “abbreviation” of Netflix-baguette-Netflixbecause Parisians would pause their series or the content they had on the platform and go out to buy a loaf of bread to return and continue with what they had left on pause.

Other cities that have been adapting to this fashion have been London, Barcelona, toronto, Beijing, Miami, NYand not to mention Mexico.

Not only people of ordinary life began to go out dressed in pajamasthe madness and strengthening of the trend was when famous people like Selena Gomez, Sarah Jessica Parker either Rihanna They changed their street clothes for bed clothes, although they didn’t go with just anything, seeking to impose a fashion by going out with ‘brand name’ clothes, makeup and hair.

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What for many people is a challenge due to the appearance of untidiness and poor hygiene, for others it is a symbol of rebellion and “I’m fine”, it has even been imposed as a holiday in schools “pajamas’ day”. Do you like the idea of ​​going out like this?

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