Will Smith and J Balvin break it at Coachella with “Men in Black”

Will Smith and J Balvin break it at Coachella with “Men in Black”

The Coachella festival that took place this weekend at the Empire Polo Club of Indio, California left moments that will go down in history, like the Lana del Rey show or the poor Grimes show.

Who also broke it in the Coachella were Will Smith and J Balvin with a number like “Men in black”.

Will Smith appears at Coachella with J Balvin

The presentation of Will Smith on the stage of one of the most anticipated festivals by celebrities, surprised the attendees of the concert of J Balvin.

both stars they danced, they sang and they rapped along with aliens who invaded the track. The protagonist of “The Prince of rap” was invited by the Colombian to do a version of the song “Men in Black” from the successful movie where Will gave life to the “agent J” in 1997.

Smith gave the surprise by coming out on stage with sunglasses and a black suit, like his character’s classic uniform in the film. “Men in black” where he shared credits with the veteran actor Tommy Lee JonesBoth were researchers of a secret organization that monitored extraterrestrials traveling through the universe to live on the planet Land.

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