William Levy sends a message after breaking up with Elizabeth Gutiérrez: ‘I have my version of the story’ – El Diario NY

William Levy sends a message after breaking up with Elizabeth Gutiérrez: ‘I have my version of the story’ – El Diario NY


The Cuban actor William Levy This Saturday he published a story on Instagram to respond to Elizabeth Gutiérrez, who announced the end of her relationship, after giving herself a new chance at love.

In the publication, the heartthrob stated: “I have many things to say. I have my side of the story, but I would never do something that would make the mother of my children look bad. I have always prioritized my children’s mental health and will continue to do so. You are, they know who I am and the truth of everything. “I will remain calm, dedicated to my children and my career.”

This message comes after the Mexican actress gave an interview to Hola! USA to talk about her breakup with the famous man.

“Currently, we are not together. I think that, for my part, it was never for lack of love, I just think that I am not the same girl from 20 years ago that he knew. I mean, what we want at this moment I think is different. I will always love him, I will always wish him the best and as I have always said, whether he is with me or not, I want to see him happy,” he said.

In addition to this, she revealed that she is focused on her work life: “I’m definitely getting back into my career, it’s definitely my passion. And nothing, I started with the ‘Vagina Monologues’, which was a weekend just to warm up and wait and look for new opportunities.”

In the interview he confessed that he does not know if this time it will be definitive, since they have returned on other occasions.

“I am not the one who decides… I am letting God write my story as I have always let Him write my story. I feel, truly, that at that moment I am in the middle of the ocean and I am surviving,” she commented.

About how his children received the announcement, he explained: “They are at peace, because obviously, William is an excellent father and they do not need their love, so they are fine and they are going to be fine. Obviously, it was not ideal, I think for none of us, but things happen and you have to move on… you have to show that also, even if you feel defeated in some way, you have to continue with your head held high and move forward.” .

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