Work from home for a company in the United States with a salary of $20 per hour

Work from home for a company in the United States with a salary of $20 per hour

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Máximo launches job vacancy evento work from home for a salary of 20 dollars per hour. This job is ideal for you if you are a person with communication skills and a way with words. You may also be interested in this employment opportunity if you have customer service skills and like to collaborate on relevant social causes. The employer requires that the person interested in applying for this job be bilingual.

The position offered is as a customer service representative, in the performance of this job, The person who is hired will be in charge of providing service to vulnerable communities that require information and guidance regarding some medical health plans. For the employer, it is very important that the person interested in this job has a sensitive and humane treatment towards the people who apply. the attention.

To ensure that the performance of the person hired is the best, the employer undertakes to maintain fully paid continuous training programs that allow the employee to provide customer service with professionalism, ethics and knowledge. Snap job position It is of your interest that we share information about the requirements that are requested to apply for this job.

Benefits and requirements of this job vacancy to work from home

To work remotely, the interested person must be willing to take the training program in person. This program is completed in only 6 weeks. After this time, the worker will be able to work remotely. From your home. The RI require essential that the employer requests is that the applicant can speak and write in Spanish fluently.

The interested party is required to have skills to capture data and answer phone calls efficiently. The person who aspires to this job position must also have great organizational capacity and skills to adapt to a fast work environment, as well as perform various tasks at once. time. It is necessary that the employee can work efficiently as part of a team and working independently.

Although it is not a requirementIt is preferable if the applicant has previous experience in a job related to providing customer service. The benefits offered in this job vacancy to work from home are salary of 20 dollars per hour, 500 dollars bonus If you come to employment under the referral program, medical, dental and vision benefits, employee discount and assistance program, opportunity to adjust your schedule so you do not neglect your personal life, professional development opportunities. If you are interested in this vacant and you comply with the requirements that are requested apply directly by clicking here.

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