PHOTO: Featherweight divides opinions with its new look;  premiered his new song “La People II” – El Diario NY

PHOTO: Featherweight divides opinions with its new look; premiered his new song “La People II” – El Diario NY

Featherweight has become, for the umpteenth time in recent weeks, the target of criticism and comments. However, and at this moment, it was not some action or statement of his that “left him in a bad light” before the public, it was his new image or look that divided his followers and the general public through the social networks.

On the occasion of the release of his new song, called “The People II” next to Tito Double O and Joel de la Pthe Mexican revealed his disruptive appearance that, although it does not modify his characteristic haircut, did generate controversy due to its tone.

And through his official Instagram account, the “She Baila Sola” performer appears with his hair and eyebrows painted a fresh blue color, in addition to wearing thin-frame glasses.

What did the Featherweight people say?

In the same Instagram post, the man born in Jalisco shared other photographs where he is seen working on his most recent song with his work team. It is worth mentioning that in the same post, you can see the Mexican showing off his original hair color, so, according to a large number of fans, Featherweight she would have only “dyed” her hair for the video and would soon return to her past look.

After the publication, a large number of people reacted to the singer’s change of look in a divided manner. A large number of people pointed out that the “Rubicón” singer looked “ugly” in addition to certain users making jokes about his similarity to the animated characters The Smurfs.

Featherweight performing in a show.

Likewise, others commented that his change of look would be a kind of closing of the cycle due to his most recent breakup with the Argentine singer. Nicki Nicole. Meanwhile, various people couldn’t help but mention that the Mexican looked old with his appearance.

Despite the number of comments, another large group of users approved and praised the new appearance of Featherweightpointing out that his musical style goes hand in hand with his new look.

Featherweight posing.
Peso Pluma is working on a new album.
Credit: Mezcalo

After the release of “The People II”, Featherweight is preparing to start his new tour, called “Exodus”, through various cities of USA and Canada. This will begin in the month of April in the mythical setting of Coachella.

It is worth mentioning that, according to various rumors and the singer’s own signals, he is working on a new album, which would be released in the following weeks.

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