Yokai Watch World: Publisher announces the end of its services by the end of 2022

Yokai Watch World: Publisher announces the end of its services by the end of 2022


The title Yokai Watch World, based on the successful anime franchise Yokai Watch, has just announced the end of its services for the end of 2022. Available on Android & iOS, this Pokemon GO-themed game allowed you to go around your city looking for the Yokai in an augmented reality environment individually or accompanied by your friends…

What does this ad involve? Here we tell you!

Yokai Watch World

Yokai Watch World – Goodbye after almost 5 years!

The game developed by GungHo and edited by the then successful studio «Level-5», allowed Japanese inhabitants to enjoy an experience that simulated what fans of the main saga lived by being able to interact with the monsters of Japanese folklore known as « Yokai.”

Through Twitter, the studio in charge of development announced that the game will end with its services on December 23 of this year:

What will happen until then with those who have enjoyed the title?

As explained in the statement published on their website, the main change will come from the side of transactions or “in-game payments”. The note explains that the sale of currency or coins ceased after the announcement was made on networks.

Similarly, it was mentioned that those who fail to spend the money purchased in Yokai Watch World will have access to an immediate refund at the end of the service on the agreed day.

Yokai Watch World

And after closing?

This question that arose after the announcement was quickly resolved by the team behind this installment.

After December 23, the game will receive a major update that will allow players to enjoy the app without any restrictions regardless of where they are in Japan. In addition, they will be given access to a complete map with the location and registration of all the Yokai that have appeared to date.

Yokai Watch World

Without a doubt, this news is something to regret for users who have been able to enjoy this title… although paradoxically it has not left the Japanese country despite having the word “World” in its name.

Remember that the game is only available within Japanese territory, so if you manage to visit this country before the closure of its services, these links could be of help:

    • Yokai Watch World (Android): Link.
    • Yokai Watch World (iOS): Link.

Have fun!

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