Yuliett Torres boasts a fitted dress without wearing underwear

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The Mexican influencer Yuliett torres if you know how to raise the temperature in your account Instagram and delight the sight of his millions of followers where he recently published a photograph where appears in a fitted turquoise dress, which shows that she is not wearing underwear.

And is that The also model, born in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, usually post photos on his Instagram account, where overflows sensuality.

And of course, if your body has shaped it based on exercise, which has become one of the most popular influencers on social networks.

Yuliett Torres is very active on social networks and very popular in the fitness world, so she openly shows her shapely body.

Yuliett Torres presumed dressed as a heart attack

“Since we are passing through, let’s take nice photos” I say let’s leave footprints nicehehe! Nice day”, The influencer wrote on Instagram, along with the photograph where she poses with a fitted turquoise dress, which shows her well-formed body.

On the side, the dress has small horizontal strips, which reveal that Yuliett is not wearing underwear.

“Woooooow, how beautiful. Impressive publication “, are some of the comments made by the followers of the influencer.

The photography has more than 108,000 likes.

The Mexican Kim Kardashian

And the fact is that the young Mexican is the owner of a tiny one, which makes her show off her enormous rear and her well-formed breasts.

Torres is considered the mexican kim kardashianAlthough, according to the influencer from Jalisco, her sculptural body is due to the strong exercise routines she performs on a daily basis.

With the exception of the bust, which a while ago decided to undergo surgery to enlarge it, which has helped him to be more popular on social networks.

On Instagram, she has more than 9.4 million followers, who are undoubtedly the most grateful for the sensual and scantily-clad photos that the influencer shares on the social network.

In a photo that he recently published, Torres shows off his body, which makes more than one gentleman sigh, clad in a striking bikini, which reveals her rear.

“Sometimes I go up, sometimes I go down … always learning or enjoying the trip,” says the influencer.

The image in just a few hours takes more than 149,000 likes.

Show off your fitness body

Torres is one of the famous Mexican women who has no problem in being sexy and sometimes with uploaded images of everything, since she is proud of the results achieved with her exercise routines to keep not only her body healthy, but also a enviable anatomy.

And proof of this is the metallic swimsuit that she used on the seashore, which only subtly covers her intimate parts, while the back part of the fabric is lost in its well-formed rear.

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