Zendaya drives her fans crazy by talking about a possible return to music – El Diario NY

Zendaya drives her fans crazy by talking about a possible return to music – El Diario NY


Undoubtedly Zendaya is synonymous with success. The actress is at the moment of her greatest exposure, and her fans continue to increase around the world. For this reason, each new professional step of this 27-year-old artist is followed with great attention. And in a recent interview, She drove her fans crazy by talking about the possibility of returning to music.

In an interview for ‘The Jennifer Hudson Show’, Zendaya reviewed her career, and stopped at her time dedicated to the world of music. At that moment, the host of the series asked her if she would like to sing again, and the actress responded:

If the time was right I would do itbecause I like to create things for myself. And if the time came, I think I would, maybe publish something small.” Faced with those words, the audience began to applaud with sincere enthusiasm, but the protagonist of ‘Dune’ clarified: “Don’t go crazy! We’ll see, maybe one day it will happen.”

In another fragment of the note, and without distancing herself from her vocation for singing, Zendaya assured:

“I love music, and it is something that is very special to me. I think being part of the music industry didn’t necessarily ruin the enjoyment of music, but that does happen when you mix it with business. Because sometimes it may not feel very good.”

It should be noted that last year, Zendaya made a surprise appearance during the Coachella music festival. And because the actress felt something nervous singing in public again, the result was slightly bittersweet.

On that topic, she said: “I kind of told myself that I couldn’t hide from that, and run away from those situations forever. I knew that at least once more in my life, I was going to want to go on stage. And I remember that when I finished, I was disappointed because I felt like I wasn’t in my best shape. I couldn’t hear anything,” she revealed.

But then the actress assured that she did not want to see the bad side of that experience, but rather understand that something positive actually happened there, and stressed that she could not hear anything, because people were singing along with her. “So she just wanted to be grateful and be happy,” the artist concluded.

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