Adamari López does the first maintenance of the year at her Miami home

Adamari López does the first maintenance of the year at her Miami home

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During In the year 2022, the Puerto Rican presenter Adamari López made several changes and arrangements in her house of Miami, Florida, and it seems that all is not finished.

Recently López shared a video on his Facebook profile where he tells his followers that he called the Ducto Limpio team to take care of maintaining the air conditioners in your home.

Everything in life needs maintenance.. Our body, our cars, our houses, the air conditioners in the house”, says the person featured on ‘Hoy Día’ in the video.

López wanted to do the revision to make sure the air ducts are okay and also check the units to see if a lot of electricity is being used.

She explains that she has an ultraviolet light for each of the air conditioners, which was installed on the recommendation of the same Ducto Limpio team. This allows all bacteria in the air ducts are eliminatedthe installation was done right after deep cleaning.

Alaïa Costa’s mother considers that the maintenance that has been done to the units has made it possible to breathe good air at home and that neither she nor her daughter get sick often.

He recommends to his followers that air filters should be changed monthly to work well.

At Adamari López’s house there are several air units, including there’s one in Alaïa’s playhousewhich is located in the patio and near the pool.

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