EVE from Stellar Blade amazes with a fantastic new figure

EVE from Stellar Blade amazes with a fantastic new figure

Stellar Blade is just a few days away from being released worldwide, and thanks to the community of players who are already excited thanks to the demo of the game that came out for the console PlayStation 5 We are sure that sales of this title will be incredible. However, before the game makes its triumphant debut, the beautiful EVE has come to visit our world to let us see its beauty, shining in all its splendor thanks to this incredible figure.

Stellar Blade will soon be in our hands and the beautiful EVE visits us in advance in this incredible figure

Stellar-Blade-EveStellar-Blade-Eve Stellar Blade EveStellar Blade Eve Stellar Blade EveStellar-Blade-Eve

The figure presents us from the beginning with a number of details that leave many with their mouths open, just like when we tried the demo of Stellar BladeWell, we see that the girl’s clothing, her hair, accessories, everything, absolutely everything in this figure has an incredible level of detail.

If we start by looking at the details of their clothing, we will see that the color palette they used was white along with light blue details that stand out on their shoulders. However, also using the transparent sleeves of their blouse shows us that they did not want to let their figure be overshadowed by their own clothing, remember that within the game of Stellar Blade What attracts quite a bit of attention are the outfits that the girls are wearing.

The visual details on the front of her clothing, such as the black detail on her blouse, are quite fascinating as they are details that are large enough for the viewer to quickly realize what the girl has. Furthermore, if we go to the section of her arms, we will see that they have a type of rhombuses which are joined by a sequence that stands out for being in a very striking blue color.

Furthermore, the detail that her hair has is undoubtedly something impeccable, since we see that the girl not only carries her characteristic weapon, but also has those accessories that in one way or another are very reminiscent of weapon handles, something quite peculiar within Stellar Blade honestly.

Stellar-Blade-EveStellar-Blade-Eve Stellar-Blade-EveStellar-Blade-Eve Stellar-Blade-EveStellar-Blade-Eve

Let’s remember that this figure is based on the model of the girl that we had the honor of playing in the Demo, so in the future we hope to see EVE of Stellar Blade in many more outfits. And without a doubt also for all Hack-and-slash fans, Having a new member in the history of video games is undoubtedly an honor that all lovers of this type of game will undoubtedly have no objection to granting her.

The details of this girl are incredible, both in the game and outside of it, because if we pay attention, not only the front part of EVE It is the most attractive. Although all of us who played the demo know that the most striking part is the camera on the shoulder, but those details have been perfectly replicated in real life.

It is something wonderful, and as an example, we see how the back of EVE has been carefully designed in this figure, because just as Stellar Blade It has been designed with a love for video games, this figure has been created with love for the fans who, starting April 26, will be part of a new Stellar Blade community. Without a doubt, a very successful bet when it comes to recreating a character from a video game, without a doubt this will be the figure that will steal the attention of all those who see your collection.

This figure is a 1/4 scale, so its approximate height will be between 36 to 50 cm. It will have a pre-sale price of $434 dollars if you pay in full, but if you want to pay the minimum amount to reserve it, it will cost you $59 dollars. . Its release date is between July 2024 and December 2024, so there is still time to reserve it, but you must be quick, since once the game comes out, rest assured that this figure will be the most sought-after figure in the game. market.

Stellar Blade Eve Figure CoverStellar Blade Eve Figure Cover

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