Adamari López reveals that she still has the engagement RING that Luis Fonsi gave her;  Where does he keep it?

Adamari López reveals that she still has the engagement RING that Luis Fonsi gave her; Where does he keep it?


It is known that artists spare no expense when it comes to engagement ring that they give him who they plan to be his wife and proof of them are the giant stones that some famous people wear in their hands. Luis Fonsi He was one of these characters who wanted to show off with hisu engagement ring and gave at that time to Adamari Lopez a beautiful jewel that, despite the fact that they divorced 14 years ago, the actress continues to keep it, where does she keep it?

The Puerto Rican actress is not afraid to share her love life and everything she has experienced with her former partners every time someone asks her and, although she has already gotten over her exes and is in a totally different moment in her life, for her they have been experiences that have marked his life and that have left him important learnings. The couples with whom she has lasted the longest and whom she has loved the most are Luis Fonsi, to whom she was married for four years; and Toni Costa, who is the father of her daughter.

Luis Fonsi and Adamari López They got engaged a few months before reaching the altar in 2006. It was during a dinner where the actress’s family was present that the singer asked her to be his wife, as he revealed in a recent interview. However, her love story only lasted four more years because it began to deteriorate after their estrangement due to having a busy schedule and professional matters that made it impossible for them to be together at their home in Miami.


What happened to Adamari López’s engagement ring?

During an interview with host Ádal Ramones for his YouTube channel, it was that Adamari Lopez he felt confident to finally reveal what he did with the engagement ring what’s going on with him Luis Fonsi to seal your love. She reported that when the ‘Despacito’ singer asked her for a divorce, he did not return the luxurious jewel that he gave her, but instead chose to keep it as a souvenir that he jealously guards inside a safe in a bank along with other valuable belongings. worth.

“Yes, I have it and it is very well stored in a safe deposit box. I don’t wear it, but there I have it. “It’s in a safe deposit box at the bank,” explained the famous 52-year-old.

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