Adamari López shows off impressive legs with a MINI dress on social networks |  PHOTOS

Adamari López shows off impressive legs with a MINI dress on social networks | PHOTOS


One of the Latinas most loved by people is Adamari López, qwho with great effort has earned his affection over the years. There is no doubt about the charisma and beauty that she brings to each production in which she participates, since, at 52 years old, she still maintains a complexion and body that she was in her twenties and proof of this are the dozens of photographs that she shares every day on her social networks. . Today, she shared a session of photos in which he posed with a mini-dress which made him receive many compliments from his fans.

Adamari Lopez She has stayed a little away from television since she left the morning show ‘Hoy Día’ in which she was the star host, to give priority to living with her daughter; However, she keeps her followers up to date through her social networks, where she usually shares details of her daily life, as well as her trips, intimate moments with her daughter and also reports about the new projects she has coming up.

The Puerto Rican actress doesn’t let a day go by without posting on her social networks. Every day she posts stories of her narrating her daily activities and posts photos of the look she is wearing. Today, she shared her most recent session with her 9 million Instagram followers. photos in which he poses on what appears to be the exterior of a building with a mini-dress bicolor with which she showed her curvy figure; She paired it with a pair of black heels, an elegant hat in the same shade and a deep red lipstick.


Adamari López is compared to Edith González

The publication already has more than 30 thousand reactions and hundreds of comments, where phrases are read that allude to its indisputable beauty. Some phrases that are read are: “Beautiful our Ada”, “you are in your best moment. You look beautiful”, “beautiful and beautiful as always”, “what a beautiful woman”, “wow, you look beautiful”, “I love that look, it looks divine on you” and “you look beautiful, you look like a porcelain doll”.


In this photo, Adamari Lopez She was also compared to the late Mexican actress Edith González: “Beautiful… you reminded me of my beloved Edith González. You look radiant”, “in the first photo she looks like Edith González” and “in the first photo I thought it was Edith González, may she rest in peace,” some of her followers wrote on Instagram.

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