Adamari López surprises with a RADICAL change of look and looks blonder than ever

Adamari López surprises with a RADICAL change of look and looks blonder than ever


Adamari López always looks spectacular, the actress has stood out for taking risks when it comes to having a change of lookOver time, she has had a number of hair styles and colors that highlight her natural beauty and her beautiful green eyes. On this occasion she was no exception because the host also took the risk of giving her look a twist with a long hair. further blonde that never.

The person in charge of carrying out the image change of Adamari is Jomari Goyso, a well-known stylist with whom Adamari coincided at the most recent Lo Nuestro awards ceremony, on that occasion Adamari She had changed her hair color especially to attend the event where she was a presenter. When meeting the stylist, the Puerto Rican did not hesitate to ask him if she liked her new image.

Does it look good on me or does it look bad on me? he questioned. Adamarithe hair care professional responded by stating that the tone was very orange, very yellow. Due to this response, the actress decided to put herself in the hands of the professional who is known for performing image changes and the result left them delighted. But the stylist left the public in suspense, although the change of look It was carried out on Friday, it was not until Thursday that the result was shared through its YouTube channel.

Photo: Youtube Jomari Goyso

Adamari sports a spectacular blonde that gives light and vitality to her face

Jomari Goyso explained that to neutralize the tones she wore Adamari in its hair She had to darken her hair above its natural tone, then she performed the lowlight technique in a blond very light to compensate for the change in tone that it had previously and to be able to balance the color. The presenter also questioned Adamari Do you notice the difference? The actress assured that she did because now her hair shows off some brown highlights that make the contrast look much more natural.

Photo: YouTube Jomari Goyso

At the end of the change of look, Adamari She looked very happy and satisfied with the result of the work of Jomari Goyso who is dedicated to making both designs and look changes. If you also want to make a style change, you can look for some ideas on the stylist’s YouTube channel, which has more than 50 thousand subscribers, so you too can be encouraged to wear a long hair. blonde spectacular as Adamari Lopez.

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