Aislinn Derbez celebrates her sister Michelle’s engagement

Aislinn Derbez celebrates her sister Michelle’s engagement

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The Mexican actress Aislinn Derbez has tried to separate personal issues from professionals throughout her career in show business, but when it comes to publicizing special situations, she shares them openly.

Eugenio Derbez’s daughter through a post on her Instagram profile showed her happiness by announcing that her sister Michelle Aguilera would soon marry her boyfriend. Derbez congratulated Michelle on her love commitment.

Despite the fact that Aislinn and Aguilera are not daughters of the same father, both are close and work on the podcast ‘La magia del caos’. Working together on this program has strengthened their relationship, so they spend a lot of time together.

This coexistence has allowed Aislinn to be close to one of her five siblings, therefore, it is not surprising that Mauricio Ochmann’s ex-partner has felt a great joy for the next stage for Michelle.

The younger sister of the actress is 28 years old. As far as is known, Michelle has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for 8 years. Aguilera boasted of her commitment on social networks, something that Derbez celebrated by expressing that what happened is “Maximum emotion!”

“My sister/ best friend/ love forever, I’m getting married,” said the actress in an Instagram story. She also recognized that her sister’s relationship really inspires her and makes her continue to believe in love, “I love you! One of the cutest couples I know who has survived it all after 8 years.”

The engagement announcement was a bit surprising since Michelle, in a broadcast of ‘The Magic of Chaos’, confessed that her relationship had ended, so everything seemed to indicate that the couple not only gave each other a second chance, since they they took the next step, to walk down the aisle and share life.

Michelle participates in the podcast without being the main voice, she is dedicated to what is related to the writing of the program, but in said chapter she appeared to talk about personal and family issues. Aislinn Derbez’s younger sister is dedicated to dubbing and content generation.

Until now, no further information has been revealed about Michelle’s engagement or when the wedding will take place.

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