Does changing my passport CANCEL my American Visa?  This is what you should know

Does changing my passport CANCEL my American Visa? This is what you should know


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To travel to the USAit is very important that you take into account what the requirements What does this nation ask for so that you can enter its territory, since the most universal are the American visa and the passport, but if the latter you have to change it and you are afraid that the first document be canceled, this is what you need to know about your ID input may or may not be rejected.

It is important to mention that this document is one of the most important, since it is requested from the foreign that are originally from those countries that are outside the visa waiver program, since with the American visathe immigration authorities They have greater control of the citizens that they cross their borders and the time they are throughout their territory, so it is essential that you process yours as soon as possible.

What is a fact is that this document has proven to be one of the most demanding as a result of the pandemic COVID-19 allowed everything to return to normal, but some of the people who already have it, question what happens with their American visa if they have to change the passport due to loss, change or renewaland then we will tell you what is happening and what you have to do.

It is worth mentioning that according to experts, the passport It is a document with international validity issued by the authorities of each country, that accredits a permit or legal authorization to leave or enter the same as many times as required, and just like the American visathis also has a validity and validity, same thing that you must take into account so that it does not affect your plans.

Do I lose my American visa if my passport expires?

It is important to mention that the visa is granted by the U.S. Embassy for a determined periodwhich varies depending on the type of visa and the country of origin of the applicant, so you must keep in mind that this must also be renewed from time to time, and in order to request your passport It must be current, since it is the ID that you have worldwide.

Although many have expressed concern about the case if the passport is lost, expires, or you simply have to renew it, while you have your visa in good or current condition, this is not altered in the slightest, since it is only important to go to the Secretary of Foreign Relations decade country for this to be delivered to you again, so you should consider it.

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