Allisson Lozz receives an offer to return to the stage with 2000s

Allisson Lozz receives an offer to return to the stage with 2000s


The world of entertainment is not so easy for everyone and one of the examples of this is when celebrities begin to backing out and leave behind everything that led them to success, such is the case of Allisson Lozzwho was one of the promising young actors in acting, but suddenly decided abandon fame and the world of soap operas where he had become one of the main faces.

The former actress began her career at a very early age in the children’s talent and competition program called “Código Fama” and became one of the favorites and made the leap to soap operas with “Alebrijes and rebujos“, and continued in melodramas, but at the age of 16 he decided to retire.

It was exactly in 2009 when the star decided end his career in the world of acting with the soap opera “In the name of love” and this was her last appearance and now she has become a true business woman because she is involved in the makeup industry and has formed a beautiful family.

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Will Allison Lozz return to the stage?

Although she has been very clear that she does not plan to return to the world of entertainment, everything indicates that she was contacted to receive the offer to join the tour of the “2000s X Always”concerts in which they are bringing together those who were part of the children’s cast of very important soap operas such as Daniela Luján, Martín Ricca, Violeta Isfel, among others.

Although it might seem like a juicy offer from Ari Borovoy to join the rest of the soap opera casts, Lozz rejected it, as she prefers to remain focused on the business she is in, as she is undoubtedly doing very well in the business. world of networking and prefers to stay there.

It is important to remember that the actress has been very transparent and clear that she has no intentions of returning to the world that gave her fame and success, because for her it was a quite “traumatic” experience And not only that, but she also commented that they paid her a very low salary compared to other actors and she had to support her family. So she prefers to focus on her health, family and business.

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