Amlito, Xochilita?  Stuffed toy inspired by Vladimir Putin launched

Amlito, Xochilita? Stuffed toy inspired by Vladimir Putin launched

A couple of things circulate on social networks images new plush doll which they created in honor of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

After Dr. Simi’s stuffed animals became popular, some people have chosen to make some dolls with the faces of some important figures in the political sphere, such as the “Amlito” in honor of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the ‘Xochilita ‘the yarn doll, which “symbolizes life and hope in the face of the insecurity that we Mexicans experience,” according to the presidential candidate of the Fuerza y ​​Corazón por México coalition, Xóchitl Gálvez, and no less important, the doll that they created Sandra Cuevas.

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Although a stuffed animal of Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, was recently made.

According to the Russian media RT, this doll was presented during the World Youth Festival, which began this March 2 and will conclude next Thursday, the 7th of the same month, in Sochi, where nearly 20 thousand Russian and foreign young people have gathered. .

According to the information provided by the media, this stuffed animal has been a great success and has won the hearts of young people at the World Youth Festival.

The stuffed toy that was put up for sale represents Putin wearing a judo suit with black ribbon and the Russian flag, this is a reference to the sport practiced by the president of that country.

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As expected, this item has gained popularity, so much so that Internet users have expressed their desire to purchase one in the publication in which the images were shared. However, the price was not indicated or if only the festival will be available, which even opened the invitation to 180 countries around the world despite the frozen or broken relations of the Russian host with the United States and European powers due to the invasion of Ukraine from 2022.


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