TikTok manages to reunite twins separated at birth 19 years later

TikTok manages to reunite twins separated at birth 19 years later

The social networks are can be understood as a kind of portals that can connect from one point to another in the world.

The millions of content published on Instagram, X, Facebook and TikTok They can give great surprises and can even unite people who never expected to meet again.

In fact, it was just in TikTok where something similar to a miracle occurred, two twin sisters Separated at birth, they were able to unite again thanks to an online video.

Twins meet again 19 years later

The Twins Amy Khvitia and Ano Sartaniawho are 22 years old, were separated 19 years ago and sold to different families.

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According to the BBCthe girls first learned of its existence from a talent contest broadcast on television and then by video TikTok that a friend of Ano’s sent her because of her incredible resemblance to another girl who had her eyebrow pierced.

Although the twins met again in 2021, their story began when they were 12 years old. As incredible as it may seem, without knowing for sure that they were family, the first time Amy saw her sister was when she was at her godmother’s house watching the show. Georgia’s Got Talent where Ano participated.

Amy told her family about the resemblance he found with Ano, but they did not give it importance, his mother even told him that everyone had a double.

Ano tried to locate his sister on the internet but couldn’t find her, so he tried harder on his search and shared the video in a group of WhatsApp from his university to see if anyone knew Amy, he finally managed to contact her by Facebookthey met and began to connect the dots.

When they spoke with their families each confirms that they had been adopted separately in 2002 a few weeks apart and none of the mothers knew that the girls were twins, nor did they reveal the amount they paid to the Kirtskhi hospital for each baby.

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