Brazil ended Mexico’s dream in the W Gold Cup with a 3-0 victory – La Opinion

Brazil ended Mexico’s dream in the W Gold Cup with a 3-0 victory – La Opinion

With superiority from the first minutes, the Brazilian team ended the Mexican dream of being able to reach to the grand final of the Concacaf Gold Cup W by winning 3-0 and In this way they add their fifteenth victory in the eighteen games in which they have faced each other throughout their history.

With the victory of the Brazilian team in this semifinal held at the Snapdragon Stadium in the city of San Diego, California, it allows the South American team to play the grand final next Sunday against the winner of the other semifinal between the United States and Canada.

The Mexican players, however, who left their skin on the field, made serious mistakes. that opened the way to victory for the South Americans, who took what their rival left them.

It could be said that the VAR of this competition marked the destiny of the Mexican team by generating the review of a play that resulted in the rigorous expulsion of Nicolette Hernández in the first half, but the reality is that Brazil, even if they had remained eleven against eleven, would have shown their superiority on the field.

For a moment it was thought that the Mexican team led by Pedro López They would be able to replicate the performances against the Dominican Republic, the United States and Paraguay, but the reality is that their nerves played tricks on them in the duel against Brazil and in the sin they carried out their penance.

The truth is that from the first minute it was clear that the best technique of the Amazonians was pure poison for the Mexicans, that they had to make the expense in search of reaching the ball. While the South Americans gave the impression of knowing what they wanted throughout the match.

Because without using the “jogo bonito”, Brazil was superior on the field and if that We add the errors of the Mexican goalkeeper Esthefanny Barreras, who gave their lowest level match, sentenced the fate of the Mexicans.

Furthermore, players as Lizbeth Ovalle, Diana Ordoñez and Kiana Palacios They had no communication on the field and wanted to win the war in individual fights and in most of the advances they ended at the feet of the Amazonian defenders.

To make matters worse, as we already said, Goalkeeper Esthefanny Barreras arrived without the personality of other games and with a lot of nerves, she never managed to string together a pass to her teammates.

Precisely, Brazil opened the scoring in the 20th minute through Adriana who took advantage of a bad start by goalkeeper Barreras, leaving the ball in the area. And since Nicolette Hernández did not know where the ball was, she allowed the Brazilian to just push the ball into the nets to put her team ahead.

That goal increased the fears of the Mexicans, who instead of going forward, retreated and allowed the Brazilians to go on the attack, causing the expulsion of Hernández in the 27th minute when the score was still controlled by the Brazilians, in a mistake. of VAR appreciation, but that was only a detail, but not decisive in the result.

Then came the 2-0 through Antonia in the 30th minute with a shot from outside the area that sent the game to half-time with the victory in the bag for the Brazilians.

Imago 1483582
The “Maga” Jaqueline Ovalle was a solitary rival in the Mexican attack against the powerful defense of Brazil and in the end the overwhelming 3-0 is a reflection of what happened on the field. Photo: Alejandro Gutiérrez Mora/Imago7.

For the second half, Mexico was more heartfelt and perhaps the entry of Mayra Pelayo gave the slightest sign of a reaction, but in the end the goal two minutes into the extra time was the bolt on the Mexicans’ coffin.

Yes, because no matter how many plays and sparks were generated by Jacqueline Ovalle’s unwavering faith, in the end Brazil demonstrated its superiority and ratified its superiority and reputation over Mexico in the 18 games they have played, with 15 victories for the Brazilians, two for the Mexicans. And a tie.

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