An organic fertilizer made from 2 kitchen ingredients will make your HYDRENSIA burst with flowers

An organic fertilizer made from 2 kitchen ingredients will make your HYDRENSIA burst with flowers

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The hydrangeas are considered some floors beautiful and elegant, according to gardening experts, these shrubs need more nutrients during the hot months if you want them to burst of flowers during spring. Therefore, today we will share a recipe for you to prepare a organic fertilizer which will help your plants have the strength they require to develop their characteristic bouquets of flowers.

In addition to applying this pass truly useful for your plant, you need to know that you should prune your hydrangea and remove dry leaves, flowers that are already dead and sticks that, beyond providing support, only steal energy and nutrients that are necessary and beneficial for its development. The pruning of the hydrangeas It is carried out during the months of January and February to have the plants ready for spring.

To prepare this homemade fertilizer you need 2 kilograms of soil to floorsa cup of coffee residue or half a cup of whole grain coffee and 2 cups of vinegar of your choice, it can be cane or apple vinegar. It is important to note that to keep your hydrangea healthy it is necessary to keep the pH of the soil a little acidic, so that the plant can thrive and above all so that its flowers have that blue tone that we love.

This way you can prepare this organic fertilizer

If you are going to carry out the pruning process of your hydrangea before applying the organic fertilizer Make sure to make the cuts of the branches and flower clusters above the stem node, you will identify it because it is a part that is a little thicker than the rest of the branch. When you finish cleaning your plant of the dried leaves and flowers, check the ones that you can reproduce by cutting, it will be the origin of a new one. plant.

Place the soil in a container to floorsadd the coffee residue or the measure of ground coffee, mix until the ingredients are integrated, now place the mixed soil at the birth of your plant, it should be spread completely over the entire edge of the bush. Now place 3 liters of water in a bucket and pour the vinegar, stirring so that the mixture is integrated. Use the mixture with vinegar as irrigation water for your hydrangea.

This pass It is powerful and long lasting so it is not necessary that you place it so often, with 2 times a month your plant It will have enough nutrients to burst into flowers and get stronger. It is a very simple but effective recipe, due to the acidity your plant will thrive and its flowers will turn a beautiful blue. Put this into practice organic fertilizer with 2 cooking ingredients tYour hydrangeas will thank you.

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