Andrew Tate brought before Romanian court after sexual exploitation accusation

Andrew Tate brought before Romanian court after sexual exploitation accusation

The “influencers“British-American Andrew Tatewho was arrested last month in Romania for alleged crimes of sexual exploitationit was presented today before the justice of that country carrying a Koran in their hands, as can be seen in a photograph published by the Romanian newspaper Gandul.

The image shows Tatewhich according to the Romanian prosecutor’s office, held several women against their will whom he had filmed erotic material with which he he made money onlinegetting off the police van upon arrival at the Bucharest Court of Appealwho must decide today if it is investigated released or must remain behind bars.

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Known for the profane and misogynistic content of their broadcasts on the networksTate has millions of followers on the internet and recently announced its conversion to islama creed he has referred to as “the last true religion“.

According to some media, Taliban militants have shown their support for Tate from Afghanistan after this was arrested.

What is the Qur’an and what does it consist of?

The Qur’an is the holy book of islam. It is considered by Muslims as the word of God revealed to the Prophet Muhammad over the course of 23 years, and compiled in its written form after his death. The Quran contains 114 chapterscalled suras, and is divided into verses.

The Koran is considered the only authentic source of Islam and is considered as the only holy book fully preserved since its original reveal.

What did Andrew Tate do?

Tate was arrested on December 30 in the mansion of the outskirts of Bucharestin which he had an adult webcam studio, along with his brother Tristan and two alleged accomplices who helped him run the business. British tabloids have referred to them as “Tate’s angels”.

The two women, of Romanian originappear handcuffed to each other in the snapshots published by the newspaper Gandul, among which there is also a picture of the tate brothers handcuffed walking behind them into the court.

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According to Romanian prosecutor’s office, the “influencer” deceived some of his victims promising them one fake love relationship to take them to the mansion and threatened so that stay there working for him as erotic models.

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