Ariana Grande raises euphoria with the premiere of her new album “Eternal Sunshine”;  What is she about?  – The NY Journal

Ariana Grande raises euphoria with the premiere of her new album “Eternal Sunshine”; What is she about? – The NY Journal

After “taking advantage” of his social networks to progressively show the development and growth of his new album, Ariana Grande has officially returned to the music scene with the release of his seventh studio album, called “Eternal Sunshine”, this day March 8.

It should be noted that prior to the launch of “Eternal Sunshine”, the actress had also released, only, her new single “Yes, And?” last January, which provided, in a meager manner, certain details about the concept of her album material.

However, and thanks to previous publications, as well as the diversity of theories and comments that the singer’s fans spread through social networks, it became clear that Grande’s new album would have as its central theme her recent divorce with Dalton Gomez as well as her alleged affair with the actor Ethan Slater.

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Ariana Grande will release her movie “Wicked” this year.
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What is Ariana Grande’s new album about?

Bye”, in addition to being the “letter of introduction” of his new album, in the song where he “says goodbye” to Dalton Gomezto whom she was married for more than 2 years. In this song she also mentions the effort she made to save her relationship.

In his next song “Don’t Wanna Break Up Again”, the actress also says that she is looking for love despite the diversity of relationships and adventures that she has experienced throughout her life. Later, in “Eternal Sunshine”, which also gives the album its title, tells of her desire to erase the damage that her previous relationship, with Gomezprovoked him.

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It should be noted that this same song takes as inspiration the film starring Jim Carrey and Kate WinsletEternal Sunshine Of Spotless Mind” where the protagonist, Clementine (Winslet), erases the memories she has of Joe (Carrey) due to their recent breakup.

In “Supernatural”, Ariana “welcomes” her new love, presumably the actor Ethan Slaterwith whom he worked on his next film “Wicked”, with whom, he mentions, he could not help but fall in love. Meanwhile, in “true story”, the artist talks about the false perceptions that people have about her and that she is misunderstood.

The Boy Is Mine” sings about her new love and how it “was made for her.” Later in “Si y?”, the first and only song released prior to the release of the album, Ariana says that she has stopped paying attention to what they say about her and the sexual perception that has been formed about her.

In “We Can’t Be Friends”, which has a video clip sterilized by Grande herself and actor Evan Peters, the singer narrates how misunderstood she feels as well as the way the media has made her see. In “I Wish I Hated You”, tells of his intention to leave his old relationship behind and the desire he has to hate his ex but he can’t.

Finally, in “Imperfect For You”, Grande talks about her new love despite her own imperfections and how she has grown with him. While. “Ordinary Things”, her only collaboration with her grandmother, tells how her new love is new in everything and that he is always there for her even in her worst moments.

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