At 40 years old, Carmen Villalobos stays in shape because she sacrifices hours of sleep to train – El Diario NY

At 40 years old, Carmen Villalobos stays in shape because she sacrifices hours of sleep to train – El Diario NY

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Carmen Villalobos is one of the most recognized actresses on Hispanic television. She is also an exclusive talent for Telemundo and one of the most beautiful women on the small screen. However, beyond her physical appearance there is her talent and her charisma, which in the end is what is most valuable in a medium as convulsed as the world of entertainment.

But of course, many celebrities agree that their physique is also their first letter of introduction, for countless roles or characters they hope to play. Physical presence in front of the cameras on many occasions, today, requires the actor, presenter or television host to look a certain way.

Carmen Villalobos, for her part, does not show off the toned body that she has, luckily, she has to work a lot to be able to maintain herself and look the way she does. She admits that to do so she has had to sacrifice hours of sleep, which in the world of an actor are valuable, since sometimes depending on the project, what some achieve the least is sleeping the amount of time necessary to really feel a rest that takes them to replenish the energy invested in your work.

For this reason, he says that to be as he is he exercises, sacrificing hours of sleep. “For those who ask me where I get my energy from with my work schedules, the only thing I can tell you is that it is not easy. It is stopping sleeping for an hour, which in my case is essential”said Carmen Villalobos in a video shared on Instagram.

On the other hand, we must remember that the host and actress knows a lot about this. Adamari López, who for years was severely criticized for her physical appearance, but she was also praised and applauded because beyond appearances, her professionalism and ability to drive always kept her at the top of the public’s appreciation and taste during her years as an exclusive Telemundo talent. But it is also true that the need to look better led her and many other personalities to seek to be in shape, for her own health.

Just like Ada, also Chiquis Rivera, who for years was the object of ridicule by many consumers of the show, who are closed to a specific physical model, even demanding standards that go beyond a healthy reality.

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