Atelier Resleriana impresses with Ryza’s skin color

Atelier Resleriana impresses with Ryza’s skin color

Recently, the gacha video game Atelier Resleriana held a new event that sought to focus on April Fools’ Day, but fans were surprised when they found that Reisalin “Ryza” stout, one of the most popular girls in the franchise was characterized with a different skin color than what was known. And the video parodied student life, with the girl being characterized as a Gal or Gyaru, with a much tanner skin color.

Ryza transforms into a Gal in the new Atelier Resleriana event and generates controversy

Atelier Resleriana Ryza 1Atelier Resleriana Ryza 1

Through its different social networks, the video game Atelier Resleriana A few days ago it held a new event that focused on April Fools’ Day, in this case parodying student life by presenting several of its “waifus” as the classic stereotypes found in this type of institution. But fans were shocked to find that Ryzaone of the most popular girls in the franchise, had received a more than obvious change in her skin color.

As can be seen in the official video shared by Atelier Resleriana in Youtubethe young Ryza She really changed her skin tone, in this case to a much more tanned one, very different from her white complexion with which she is recognized in the different installments of the saga. But this was not a random change, since in this case she is playing the role of a Gal or Gyaru, a very popular fashion style in Japan where women take great care of their aesthetics, such as nails, clothes, makeup or in general. this case, when tanning.

And although this video was made, as we mentioned, to parody high school life, many of the fans of Atelier Resleriana They were disappointed at the change in the young woman’s skin, and they took it as something offensive, even when knowing the concept of gal, so well known in the Japanese country. Although a large majority were also excited about the event, since being able to see girls with different stereotypes is something to say the least curious, since in addition to Ryzaseveral of the other characters are characterized.

Below is one of the official images where you can see all the “waifus” representing several high school girls:

Atelier Resleriana Ryza 2Atelier Resleriana Ryza 2

Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy and the Polar Night Liberator, was originally launched as a game for mobile devices, with a constant update service, so the story, as well as the characters, increased with each new version of the game, purchasable through its gacha system. Atelier Resleriana will tell us the story of two protagonists, Valeriaa girl who lost her memories and who will have the main mission in the story to recover what was taken from her, and Resna is a young alchemist who longs to show the world how alchemy can be a more than useful tool in this universe.

For its part, the Atelier saga managed to obtain great popularity worldwide, not only for its games, but also in 2023 it had an anime adaptation of Atelier Ryzain a story that told us the life of the beloved Reisalin “Ryza” Stout and how he started in the world of alchemy. Here we will see the different challenges that she had to live through to stand out within these practices. In addition, the anime was highly commented on on the networks due to a detail that can be seen in all the episodes, and that is that the protagonist’s thighs stole every scene. in which they appeared.

Atelier ReslerianaAtelier Resleriana

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