VIDEO: Reporter remains calm after the earthquake in Taiwan;  continued breaking the news – 24 Hours

VIDEO: Reporter remains calm after the earthquake in Taiwan; continued breaking the news – 24 Hours

A video circulates on social networks that captured the professionalism that a reporter after not panicking at the earthquake what happened in Taiwan while giving the news.

On the morning of Wednesday, April 3 (April 2 in Mexico), a 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit Taiwan, causing great devastation, as well as a worrying tsunami warning that was finally discarded.

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Likewise, it caused at least 9 people to lose their lives and more than 900 to be injured after the phenomenon that, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) had its epicenter 11 kilometers northeast of the city ​​of Hualien, this in Taiwan, and had a depth of 18 kilometers.

Host did not leave the newscast during the earthquake

Despite the devastation and victims left by the earthquake, something that caught the attention of viewers and Internet users was the attitude maintained by a news anchor.

This was after the presenter of the iNews channel He did not leave the recording set during the earthquake.

In the 2:11 minute clip that has gone around the world, you can see the reporter, who is wearing a lilac tailored suit. As she, after giving the weather report, suddenly an alarm signal appears in front of the screen.

Seconds later, the camera begins to move violently and later the crashes of objects falling in the studio, as well as broken glass, are heard.

However, despite this, the host, although she looked a little nervous and distressed, never stopped talking and did not even leave her place, so you can see how she continues to give the news despite the emergency.

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As expected in light of the journalist’s unusual actions, Internet users congratulated her for the courage she had to “stay standing” despite the earthquake. Some even compared her to Ramón Ulloa, presenter of the Tele 13 channel in Chile and host of radio, who remained absolutely calm while in the studio after the 8.4 magnitude earthquake in 2015.


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