Attempts to demolish the house where Marilyn Monroe died continue – El Diario NY

Attempts to demolish the house where Marilyn Monroe died continue – El Diario NY


Brinah Milstein and Roy Bank, Owners of Marilyn Monroe’s house in Brentwood, California, have not given up and they are still trying to find permits to demolish the property.

It has recently been reported that the heiress and the reality TV producer have sued the city of Los Angeles for denying permits that they requested to carry out the demolition.

In September of last year it was reported that The Los Angeles City Council managed to stop the demolition of the place After voting, this was done after the city’s Department of Construction and Safety said yes to the current owners.

The Municipal Council alleges that The place cannot be demolished because they consider that it should be classified as a cultural monument. The application is currently being evaluated, but they have already received a first approval from the Cultural Heritage Commission and the City Council’s Land Use Planning and Management Committee.

It should be noted that Milstein and Bank also own the neighboring property and their plan is to make their residence much larger.. This project began during the summer of last year, when the couple paid $8.35 million for the house where Marilyn Monroe died.

In the lawsuit they recently filed They accuse the city of “illegal and unconstitutional conduct”. According to ‘New York Post’, the couple also suggests that authorities and neighbors are suggesting an exaggerated connection between the property and the Hollywood star.

‘New York Post’ had access to the lawsuit and they share verbatim some of the couple’s allegations: “All of these backroom machinations were in the name of preserving a house that in no way meets any of the criteria for a Historical Cultural Monument.”

At the moment we are waiting to see what decision the authorities in charge of authorizing the title make and if legally this demand has any effect on the process.

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