Bad Bunny in the SEP books!  This is the reason – 24 Hours

Bad Bunny in the SEP books! This is the reason – 24 Hours

The Puerto Rican singer, Bad Bunnysurprised his followers after it was announced that he is officially part of the School books of the SEP (Secretary of Public Education).

This Tuesday, the page of Playlist Magazine announced that the interpreter of “Ojitos lindas” became part of the iconic figures that illustrate or serve as “inspiration” to students in the free SEP textbooks; but for what reason did he go? Below we tell you.

According to the portal, Bad Bunny was chosen so that the students could prepare an informative review.

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To this end, a detailed analysis of the concert that the reggaeton singer performed in the city of Monterrey, in December 2022, on the occasion of the World’s Hottest Tour, which was his fourth musical tour and his first stadium tour, is included in the educational material. , in support of his studio album titled “A summer without you.”

And based on this, children will not only be able to learn about contemporary music, but also how reviews of different events are made, and in the same way it allows students to be encouraged to one day dedicate themselves to journalism and carry out coverage. .

How should the review be done?

As shown in the images, students must scan a QR code that is printed in the book, which will redirect them to a video clip “The Blackout”, and based on what they observe, they must answer a series of questions posed.

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Bad Bunny divides opinions after appearing in textbooks

Although the exercise is not to promote the work of the Puerto Rican, the appearance divided opinions, because while some users mocked and criticized the situation, since they stated that “he is not a great singer” and that “he is not a role model ”while others pointed out that it is a great idea for students to encourage themselves to write reviews with recent examples and with artists that they know and like.



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